Interesting article on Dating in the Salsa Dancing Scene

Salsa is a fun and healthy activity and its a great way to meet other people and in particular meeting singles if you are looking for a date.[..]

Salsa venue that people have been raving

salsa venue that people have been raving about, Shattuck Down Low. It was drizzling a bit and I came through hwy 13 that changes into a winding road called Ashby Ave and meanders into south of Berkeley.[..]

Fundamentals of Salsa Dancing – avoiding key mistakes by beginners

Salsa dancing is for everyone of all age groups and you can start at whatever age you are, all you need is a keen desire to learn and some patience. However, if you are learning there are some fundamental points to be aware of and this can rapidly improve your dancing skills.[..]

Allegro Ballroom Salsa - Emeryville, California

About a few weeks ago, I visited Allegro in Emeryville for their regular Salsa Sundays and I thought I would write about it here. It was about 8pm when I headed over to Allegro for their Salsa Sundays dancing to DJ music.[..]

Salsa by the Sea – Santa Cruz – California

‘Salsa by the sea’ is an event that is held weekly on Sundays by the beautiful beaches of the coastal town of Santa Cruz near Monterey. This free event is hosted next to the Ideal restaurant and at the mouth of the famous Santa Cruz Wharf.[..]

Salsa Venue Review – Albertos - Mountain View - California

I decided to go to Albertos on a whim as I have been asking myself that I should check out the place since I was getting weekly emails from one of the instructors in the Bay Area.[..]

Salsa Venue Review – Shboom San Ramon

I usually go to this club not because I live nearby but it’s a charming place with nice little touches to it that makes it stand apart from the regular salsa clubs.[..]

Just Dance Ballroom – Oakland – Review

The Just Dance Ballroom is situated off the Hwy 880 adjacent to the Alameda island. It clearly has one of the loveliest dance floors you will find with an incredible floor space and with one sided completely fitted with mirrors.[..]

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