Salsa Venue Review – Shboom San Ramon

I usually go to this club not because I live nearby but it’s a charming place with nice little touches to it that makes it stand apart from the regular salsa clubs.

Shboom Bar/Dance in San Ramon

Shboom Bar/Dance in San Ramon

The venue caters to different music tastes depending on what evenings you go to and I first knew about it when I went on a Fridays 80s night with some friends who were visiting me from Europe.

I was impressed by the interior which was inviting and very comfortable. It had a reasonable size dance floor in the middle with a big bar on one side and tables and chairs all the way around.

The dance floor wasn’t too big but could accommodate maybe 40 couples without bumping into each and I am talking about Salsa.

I have always said that what makes a good club is not just the ambience of the place but the very people who go to it.

In this case I found the people to be very friendly and they all seemed to be enjoying themselves and having great fun.

The music coming out of the four speakers around the dance floor and sounded very sweet and it wasn’t too long before I was on the dance floor swinging to the 80s music.

Around midnight we decided to call it a night and started heading out and as were passing the front doors I noticed at the corner of my eye a big flyer advertising their Wednesday night salsa event.

I couldn’t believe my eyes when they had advertized $12 for a fully cooked buffet meal with two classes and then a dance party. On the way home I was finding all sorts of excuses why the low price but decided I was going to come back on the following Wednesday to check it out.

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