Allegro Ballroom Salsa – Emeryville, California

About a few weeks ago, I visited Allegro in Emeryville for their regular Salsa Sundays and I thought I would write about it here.

allegro ballroom, emeryville, california

It was about 8pm when I headed over to Allegro for their Salsa Sundays dancing to DJ music.

The place is situated next to a parking lot and from the outside looks like a warehouse.

Once inside you are greeted with a large dance floor, probably they don’t come any bigger than this.

In addition to this main dance floor they have two other smaller dance floors around the back. The music played is different for those dance floors and on that night they were playing a fair amount of Bachata while the main dance floor was primarily salsa music.

The music selection was above average and the environment had good acoustics so you can feel the music as you dance.

Allegro Ballroom Salsa – Emeryville, California – continued >>>

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