Salsa by the Sea – Santa Cruz – California

‘Salsa by the sea’ is an event that is held weekly on Sundays by the beautiful beaches of the coastal town of Santa Cruz near Monterey.

This free event is hosted next to the Ideal restaurant and at the mouth of the famous Santa Cruz Wharf.

salsa by the sea in sunny Santa Cruz California

salsa by the sea in sunny Santa Cruz California

The history of this event dates back ten years ago when salsa was just beginning to take a hold in the Santa Cruz music and dance scene.

Alex and Aaron were the first of the teachers who introduced salsa into Santa Cruz with two doses of classes and dance held on Tuesdays at the Vets Hall and Fridays at the Louden Nelson.

As the salsa music and dance became more popular over the next few years other venues popped up also offering salsa events.

These included the Friday dance night at Café X on Soquel Ave. which was quite a hit amongst the salseros at that time.

There were other places that came went including the E3Playhouse and the Attic which would host regular salsa bands such as Broken English, Rumbacha and Salson.

The Crows Nest situated by the harbor of Santa Cruz was also an exciting place for salsa fanatics despite the diminutive dance floor.

This place is hosting any regular events now but it occasionally hosts the old favorite salsa band Broken English.

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