Shattuck – Down Low Salsa Venue, Berkeley, CA – Part 3

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There were already about 25-30 people lined up on the dance floor taking the class and I joined right in.

The class instructor was John Narvaez of Salsa Mania who also teaches in other venues such as the Just Dance Ballroom in Oakland.

He was showing the Cuban dance technique of salsa steps where weight, hip movement and placement are necessary for what can be described as a complex move to learn.

I could see from some of the students that they were getting it but for others the common mistake of the Cuban motion made by beginners was also obvious.

It’s a technique that is difficult to master but once you have it, it can look very nice.

Towards the end of the first class, he went through some exercises combining all the movements of going forward and back, side-to-side and breaking and then doing a turn which I thought was quite fun.

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