Shattuck – Down Low Salsa Venue, Berkeley, CA – Part 4

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Later, we moved to the partner class where we were shown the turn for the follower followed by a quarter turn by the man and then bringing the woman around with another turn.

When you start looking back at these moves more carefully, you appreciate the connection, force, position and all the things that come into play to make it work with the follower.

I can see how these kind of moves can appear difficult to the beginner and an effective teacher has not only understand this but be able to convey the information required by students in the class.

This is why I have told many people who are beginning to seriously consider taking private lessons.

It may appear expensive to you at first but the improvement in dancing and the self-confidence that comes as a result is priceless.

Private instruction allows the instructor to specifically focus one to one on the areas that need addressing and hence rapidly improve your learning.

I remember taking private lessons after 6 months into salsa and remembered how it changed my dancing altogether.

I didn’t have to know, the followers at that time who I danced with told me so.

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