Shattuck – Down Low Salsa Venue, Berkeley, CA – Part 5

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I sometimes enjoy the classes that I do before the main dancing event starts because you can always learn something knew and besides it allows you to socialize with other dancers before the main event.

During the rotation of the dancers in our partner class, I noticed how friendly the ladies were and this is an indication to me that the main event was also going to be fun.

It always pleases me to have a crowd that is inviting and friendly and it makes the whole evening an eventful and a memorable one.

Unlike Shaboom of San Ramon, which also happens to have a receptive clientele, the crowd in Shattuck was younger, probably because of the strong student community of Berkeley.

As we rotated, I always keep in my mind of the back-leading that woman have a tendency to do, however on this occasion I noticed that this aspect was not noticeable than in other places.

I would put this down to the average age of the followers and the correlation seems somewhat justified.

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