Shattuck – Down Low Salsa Venue, Berkeley, CA – Part 6

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After our class, we had some DJ music and were treated to some special performances by Salsa Mania dance troupes.

The performances on this occasion seemed somewhat better, tighter and stronger than what I had witnessed in the Just Dance Ballroom (link).

There seemed more energy and flare in the dances and it was a far cry from the previous performances I had seen.

Perhaps the smaller venue had something to do with this or they had more time where they had time to practice and improve since the last performances.

In all, there were three performances with the last one to me as the most exciting of all.

One aspect of the performance that can make all the difference in the dance in my opinion is to hit the beat at just the right time.

Since the music they had selected was fast paced and had eclectic highs, lows and abrupt stops, it seems only natural to hit those parts really well.

The last performance for a majority part of the routine did just that and it was very exciting and fun to watch.

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