Shattuck – Down Low Salsa Venue, Berkeley, CA – Part 8

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Nothing beats live music for sheer energy, enjoyment and fun.

Even accomplished DJs cannot fill an entire auditorium as well as live bands can.

As the night carried on, I was dancing non-stop with as many followers as I could find.

The place wasn’t jam packed and despite the diminutive dance floor, I was able to make good use of the space and floor.

There were some occasions when bumped into a few neighboring dancers and some were very polite and quick to acknowledge their mistake.

However, there were some dancers especially in Cha Cha Cha who did not care for people around them and required a passageway of 6 feet long to be clear at all times.

An essential piece of information that all leaders should make note of, is that if the dance floor gets tightly packed, it is your job to watch the space around you and never make the mistake of sending the follower crashing into the next dancer.

At times, when it felt crowded I moved the follower to a better spot on the dance floor, which was warmly acknowledged and appreciated by the follower.

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