Salsa venue that people have been raving

salsa venue that people have been raving about, Shattuck Down Low.

It was drizzling a bit and I came through hwy 13 that changes into a winding road called Ashby Ave and meanders into south of Berkeley.

I was mightily pleased with this route, which meant a mere 30 minutes travel from door to door.

To get to the venue you need to take a right turn into Shattuck Ave from Ashby Ave and it’s about a mile or so up the road.

It wasn’t obvious where the place was located exactly on my Iphone GPS and I parked at the nearby university parking lot on Fulton St. a short distance away.

I couldn’t be sure what the parking is like around the venue but for sure, you can park in the spot I found without any trouble.

The Bart station is right next to the place and the junction reminded me of the Times Square in New York albeit smaller.

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