Submitting your very own posts to the SalsaCruz blog

Writing for SalsaCruz

We encourage all readers of our SalsaCruz blog to write to us with interesting articles and posts that they want to see in the Blog. This could be anything related to Salsa, your experience in social events, something you wish to promote, wanting feedback from other readers etc.

There is a host of opportunities for the would-be writer. Simply send your comments below along with your posting for us to review and post on the site. If you are unable to post through here, please email us at

How can writing benefit you and the community:

SaslsaCruz is now in its 7th year and has served the salsa community of Santa Cruz and neighboring towns with a valuable resource for all salsa aficionados with weekly events, pictures and newsletter. Best of all its a FREE SERVICE and we are encouraging all our community members to keep this service going.

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  1. I sent you a potential post, I was just curious if you had received it?

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